All prices listed includes 75 miles of travel from Freeland, MI additional fees apply for more.

Quick Inspection:


Home Inspections: 

If you participated in the quick inspection for the same home before this one you can deduct $30.00 off the price

Under 1000 sq. ft. $150

1000 Sq.ft. - 1500 sq. ft. $180

1500 sq. ft. - 2000 sq. ft $200

2001 sq. ft. or more $220 + $.05 for every sq. ft. after 2000


Mobile Homes:

Follows all the same procedures just slightly varied for crawl spaces 



Additional Services:

Video of the house $20.00

Well or Septic Systems $50.00

Water Test $20.00

Appliance Check $25.00




$10 First time home buyer

$30 Military, Fire, Police, or EMT*

$20 First Time Customer*

$25 Repeat customer*


Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, and PayPal

*Up to two discounts can be combined on inspections only (EX. first time home buyer and public service discount can be combined for $40). The only discount that can be used on the Quick is the first time home buyer. All other types of discounts will be reduced to $10 for the Quick inspection.